About Us

Welcome to the Northern Beaches Farm website. 
We are a small farm in Ingleside that predominantly grows salads and vegetables, outside in the soil (meaning not greenhouse or hydroponic).  We are a chemical free property and have been for many years.  We rely on compost and green manures to fertilise our soil and crop rotation and companion planting to keep hungry bugs and bad bacteria at bay.   We also rely on the local birds who help us keep the bug population low, particularly our flock of magpies who always arrive en masse to eat the curl grubs when we turn over the soil (see pic :-))  
We can only supply what is growing in Ingleside at the moment which means food is at it's nutrition peak and hasn't had to travel very far to get to you.  So that means no berries and tomatoes in Winter but you can join us and get in sync with the seasons.  Enjoy all that Spring has to offer, make the most of those hearty soups with the last of the root vegetables and tomatoes will be back before you know it.  
We mainly grow to supply our commercial kitchen in Manly, where Chefs turn seasonal produce into delicious Ready-to-Heat meals. We are pedantic about using wholefoods and sourcing as locally as possible.
We deliver our produce and Ready-to-Heat meals every Friday and Saturday - harvesting fresh on the morning of delivery and making sure everything arrives to you as fresh as we can possibly get it.
So you keep shopping and I will get back to the weeding. 
Charmaine Blair
Northern Beaches Farm