I'm not Wonder Woman, Stacky Dinners and other Parenting Fails

Date Posted:11 June 2017 

Like every other busy Mum, I am too tired to cook a balanced meal, that the kids will eat, every - single -  day.   Dinnertime for many, including me, looms large every day and requires attention right when you feel like you do not have the energy to lift one more finger.  

I recently caught up with a few Mum friends one school night and the logistical effort to get there on time and have things sorted before I left was mammoth.   Of course, I had to cut corners somewhere.....I'm not Wonder Woman.  

During the night we got onto the subject of how exhausting the expectation was of providing a healthy dinner every day.  I confessed that even though I spend my day cooking healthy family meals, I had in fact left my kids with frozen pizza.  This admission of guilt opened the flood gate on what everyone else had done that night....2 minute noodles, home delivered pizza, husband cooked dinner (there is always one in the group ;-)) and my favourite - Louise's Stacky Dinner.   We all felt bad and promised that we knew that we had to stop relying on these options and that surely our kid's were going to lose the excitement of being served random items 'stacked' on top of each other.   

An alternative to Stacky Dinner

We want a healthy option that is not filled with preservatives and all it's derivatives - salt, sugar, yeast extract, malt extract, 221, 220, nitrates and on and on and on.  Cooked with all the effort and care that we would provide... on our perfect parenting day.  


Our meals are cooked with the freshest, organic vegetables and organic meat from Shiralee Organic Meats in Brookvale.  The base of all meals is our Organic Bone Broth, which is simmered for 12-18 hours to extract every gut healthy ounce of goodness.   Salt is only added to taste and we never use anything you wouldn't find in your own 'perfect parenting' cupboard - no preservatives, no thickeners, no stabilisers.   

Irresistable Offer

This week, order yourself something delicious from our Ready-to-Heat range and you will receive 50% off any meal from the Kid's Menu.   So, if you order three meals from the Ready-to-Heat you get to order 3 Kid's Meals for HALF PRICE.   It really is an irresistable offer.   

Organic Chicken Nuggets and Sweet Potato     Organic Chicken and Pesto Pasta (hidden veggies)

Organic Chicken Nuggets and Sweet Potato                   

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