Ready-to-Heat Meals



UPDATING OUR MENU AND SERVICE......check back soon. 

Spring is here and we are so busy growing and cooking.  

The Summer veggies are coming along (tomatoes, eggplants, chillies) and our Winter efforts are being rewarded with kilos of snow peas, salad greens, fennel and lots more.  

Our menu changes each week with the exception of must-have favourites that we are not allowed to take off.   We add a few new items each week to keep it interesting for our most-cherished regular customers.  What we add depends on what is growing in abundance on the farm and on suggestions from regulars.  When the weather decides, we sometimes have a huge oversupply of some veggies and encourage you to join us to reduce food waste and enjoy Zucchini Six Ways, for example.  

All of our meat is supplied by Shiralee Organic Meats in Brookvale.  ACO Certified Organic. The Finest Certified Organic, Biodynamic & Free-Range Meats in Australia, 100% Traceability, Healthiest & Tastiest Meat You Can Eat!