Organic Thai Green Curry Recipe

This is our popular recipe and chef tips to ensure you get an authentic and flavoursome curry. 

First critical step is to make the paste using the freshest, organic ingredients you can afford.  If you are going to all the effort, you may as well use the best products and any extra can be kept in the fridge for 2 weeks.  We use it to make lots of vegetarian dishes even add it to tuna or sweet potato patties.  This is not necessarily the traditional recipe as we like to use local ingredients as much as possible - no palm sugar, shrimp paste, ginger instead of galangal.  


Blend in a mortar and pestle: 

8 Organic Green Chillies

1 Organic Onion

4 cloves Organic Garlic    

1 Organic Lemongrass stem only                          

1 roots & stems bunch of Organic Coriander        

2 cm sliced Organic Ginger                                  

1 Lime, skin (not pith) only, finely sliced          

Grind these up in pestle and add  

1 tsp freshly heated and ground Cumin        

1 tsp freshly heated and ground Coriander Seeds             






Tip  # 2.....Waste Nothing!    

A delicious addition to our curry is to cut up the stems of the broccoli florets and add these into the wok at the start when we put in the curry paste.    

They will soften up if added at the start and they end up being an intense and flavour filled mouthful.







Tip #3    Patience Grasshopper 

Now we add the paste to the oiled wok or heavy based pan.   The broccoli stems have been added and we need to add the cream from a can of organic coconut cream or coconut milk.  We use 1 can of cream and 1 can of milk.

Take 3 Tbsp of the cream from the top of the can and add it to the paste in wok.  Manage the temp so as not to burn the paste but we want to let this simmer until the oil comes out of the cream and comes to the surface.   

Dont rush this step, it will take a bit but will add so much to your meal.  Wait until the oil has turned a lovely green and is sitting on top of your ingredients, as in the picture here.   

It is important to use organic coconut milk and cream for lots of reasons.  The cans are bpa free and there are no additives or stabilisers.  The stabilisers are a food 'approved' addition and they just keep the water and cream emulsified so as not to worry the consumer.   The organic product will have cream sitting on top and watery milk at bottom.  



  You are almost there

Ok, you are ready to add the rest of your coconut cream, coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves.   Let this simmer slowly, not heavy boil, for about 5-7 mins.  

Add your organic chicken breast sliced thinly.   Put in as much as your budget and hunger will allow.  Give this 5 mins and add in your broccoli florets, beans and any other vegetables that take your fancy. Give this another 5 mins and you are ready for the final touch.

These are not exact amounts as you need to taste to get the perfect balance.   1 Tbsp of first press fish sauce, we use Red Boat 40N and 1 tsp of sugar.   Stir to dissolve, taste and adjust until you get the perfect balance of flavours.  Add in some coriander leaves to garnish and a squeeze of lime juice for freshness.